Monthly Subscription

£24.95 / month


Each box contains the liquid ingredients to create 4 full-serve cocktails:


  • A 200ml bottle of craft spirit from our favourite brands.
  • A selection of specific liqueur and modifier pouches for each cocktail.
  • A fun fact sheet loaded with information about the monthly cocktail.
  • A cocktail-themed party playlist specifically created by our music loving team.
  • 10 minute ‘how to’ video guiding you through every stir and shake, showing you all you need to know to be the perfect party host.
  • Free UK Delivery and begin your journey in 3-5 days!


Each month our letterbox sized craft cocktail kit will drop through your letter box. A week before the delivery you will receive your stir-up shopping list which will tell you which cocktail you will be creating as well as any fresh fruit, herbs or spices that are needed giving you plenty of time to add them to your weekly shop.

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 4 cm

1 review for Monthly Subscription

  1. Hollie Ann

    Amazing experience!
    loved it so much i’ve just signed up for a 6 month.

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